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NGO Registration | Formation of Nonprofit:

Now let us look about the difference between NGO Types. That is difference between trust, society, foundation and nonprofit company. Before formation of a nonprofit or NGO, learn the difference between types of organizations in India. After your best analysis you shall know how you can form a nonprofit organization with a perfect NGO Registration. This page is only for ideological purpose and for knowledge learning. Its a best practice to consult with your Lawyer, Auditor and professional towards NGO Registration. Please be clear before starting a social organization. Several NGO organizations are sleeping only with certifications. If you do not have solid financial resource to run your organization, please don't jump in NGO Registration, only with your desires and willingness to do for the society and public. Instead, You shall join with other organizations to dedicated your social service mind.


How to register a public charitable trust?

1. Trust registration is created with a document named Trust deed. ( Trust Deed which may be shaped to registered with a stamp duty paper in the Registrar office as per the Registration Act.) Model Trust deeds for Charitable Trust and several other types of trust are Formation and Management of NGOs: Non Governmental Organisations available here, which you can buy online
2. Trust is created by the Founder (author or settler) with the trust of Trustees (who are the body of Trust)
3. Trust shall be created under irrevocable nature.
4. Trust deed : This another book which can help to form trust deed Formation and Management of NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) which consists of objects of the trust, Operation of Trust, Trustee information, Trustee powers, rights, duties and liabilities. But better choose the first NGO book above which may be more comfortable
5. There are some procedures in creation of a trust deed. Charted accountants (Auditors) and Lawyers (Attorney) shall help you for creation of Trust deed. After creation of Trust deed, That organization TRUST shall be registered with the Registrar or Sub-registrar office as per the laws relevant to the specific states.
6. After the registration of trust, you shall get the copy of the registration from the Registrar and you shall apply for PAN card, and you have to apply for proper Income tax registration with Income tax department ( Here the 12 A plays the role). You shall buy the Income Tax for NGOs book here.
7. After you have properly got the Income tax certificate for the Trust (12A), you can also apply for tax exemption certificates like 80g, 35ac and so many other forms of income tax exemption as per the objects of your trust and as per the applicable rules. You shall buy Tax related books in below Links
8. A trust shall be a public charitable trust or Private trust. Public charitable trust is able to raise funds from public to serve the social causes of the nation.
9. A trust must be registered whether with movable or immovable properties.
10. Trust should be registered with a "Registered office address of the trust" with proper landmarks.
11. A Trust shall be registered by the founder only with the minimum of 2 members.

Society Registration: How to register?

A minimum of 7 members are required to register a Society. A society shall be registered with the Registrar office under Societies Registration act 1860 (A separate Registrar of Societies will be in your area). Only for Maharashtra state its different and it shall be registered with Charity commissioner. Registration of society is undertaken by a basic document of Memorandum of understanding and Articles of Association with the specified rules and regulations. Such document consists of Name, occupation and address of all members and with the rights, power, duties and responsibilities of each members and governing body. Society registration is formed by association of at least 7 members. Each designated persons will be elected by election 3 years once or as specified by the about society document. The objects and rules of the society is formed as per the societies act and you shall contact the society of registrar to have more details towards creation of bye-law ( Memorandum of understanding and articles of association). Also you can ask your Auditor, chartered person, Lawyers, Attorney to help you towards this bye-law creation.