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What is ISO?

ISO Standard Certification is a proof that your company is responsibly operating in line with the industry best practices and management systems. ISO Certification that help you build credibility in the eyes of stakeholders, employees, managerial committees, and foreign trade personnel. It also aims to reinforce the promise of dedication, hard work, quality,and efficiency in front of your potential customers. ISO standards makes modern life easier offering solutions for problems common to people worldwide. ISO standards: .


Key Points:-

• ensure that products suits their purpose;
• enhance the safety of products and services;
• set the foundation for improvement of products and services quality;
• facilitate trade between countries and remove technical obstacles to trade;
• reflect current state of science and technology and represent guidelines to developing countries towards world market;
• enable more efficient use of resources in production process;
• contribute to protection of health and environment
ISO the standard for quality worldwide, it provides assurance about the quality, reliability and safety for consumers.

Benefits of ISO:-

1. Increases the credibility.
2. Increases the customer satisfaction and loyalty.
3. Reduces the cost.
4. Creates more marketing opportunities.
5. Provides efficient management process.
6. Delivers positive message to the staff and the customers.
7. It’s important to participate in some tenders of public sector work..etc.